Neff N50 60cm Induction Hob | T36FB40X0

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Just a touch.

Simple, minimalist cooktop control. Manage all your hob settings with just one touch. The integrated timer keeps track of the time whenever you need to boil or bake on the clock.

More heat when you need it.

Power Boost is our smart, time-saving cooking hack. Want to boil your pasta water in a flash? Simply activate Power Boost to heat it much faster. Get a flexible boost for your dishes.

Generate direct heat for precise cooking control.

Cooking with induction means heat is generated directly in the cookware, ensuring direct control. Raise the heat to start cooking quickly, reduce it to slow things down - or even switch off your hob to stop the heat completely. Whatever you decide, your cookware reacts instantly. Thanks to intuitive operation, there is nothing to distract you from what really makes cooking worthwhile: the joy of experimentation.


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